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Questions  and  Answers  (FAQs)


We mount this page, always in the effort of the improvement of our customer attendance, where we congregate the more frequent questions and answers.

We are in constant work of improvement of this page, for in such a way, we would like to count on the aid of our customers who will be able to send us its suggestions by email.


Q: It is really possible to recover data from damaged medias?

A: In the majority of cases yes, however to be sure it is necessary a diagnosis. You must be sure to send the job to be done in a trustable data recovery company who can offer the best results possible to the customer. We have the best laboratory and competent technician team in the market.


Q: Which are the HD brands that SOS HD has conditions to recover the data?

A: All brands but the most known in the Brazilian market are: Maxtor, Seagate, Quantum, Digital Western, Fujitsu, Samsung, IBM, Toshiba, Hitachi, NEC, Conner, etc. They can be IDE, SCSI or notebook.


Q: Why it is charged expensive prices by the service of data recovery in Hard Disk?

A: A serious data recovery company invests constantly in the best tools, employees training and resources for the execution of the services. The customer will enjoy of this technology. You customer should know how valuable is your data. Don't trust when the service is badly charged!


Q: What happens if I use free and some pirates softwares available in the Internet to recover my files?

A: You are the owner of your files and you have the responsibility of these results if you decide to use these programs. What we can tell you is that these programs have brought disastrous results to the customers, causing irreparable losses.


Q: What should I do when the HD starts making strange noises?

A: HDs noises means physical problems and when they start it is difficult to rescue the data using normal ways. Is very important to interrupt any attempt to force its working in order to prevent more problems in the unit. Turn off the HD as soon as possible!


Q: I want to send my media for data recovery by post office or another transporter. How should I pack me HD?

A: We recommend that the media is involved in plastic and static paper and conditioned in box with the warning "Please take care. Fragile Material".


Q: How do I know if a HD has a physical defect of a logical problem?

A: Please go the section Tips of our site.


Q: Does exist cases of negative recovery?

A: Unfortunately in some cases we can only get partial results or even negative. This happens when we have serious crashed media, due the use of pirate programs, the inability of curious people trying to recover the data or the definitive destruction of the data.


Q: What can I do if the result of the data recovery diagnosis is negative?

A: Speaking frankly, if your HD could not be recovered by SOS HD and if the reasons is because of serious physical problems, your only option would be sending the defective HD for a company abroad. SOS HD can also take care of this in case our customers wish. Sending the HD to another data recovery company in Brazil is really a waste of time. Everything that exists available in terms of data recovery our company has here.


Q: Which are the operational systems that SOS HD works with?

A: The most common they are: Windows, MacOS, Linux and Novell. For Unix and others the work is more difficult.


Q: How I must proceed in case of virus or hacker attack?

A: When you see that your equipment is suffering the consequences of a virus or hacker attack, immediately disconnect your equipment from the power. You need a specialized help.



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