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Company Rules


1- We are a company whose main objective is to offer our customers with data recovery services in diverse medias like: HDs, CDs, DVDs, RAID systems, Floppies, Zip Drive, Pen Drive, Memory Stick, etc. We are able to solve problems of defective, bad block, corrupted or deleted files, forgotten passwords, reformatted, inverted cloned, virus or hackers attacks, human error, sabotage, vandalism, etc.


2- It is assured to the customer the total and the most absolute secrecy of the recovered information.


3- Our process of recovery is not destructive, therefore it totally preserves the data contained in the original media.


4- We offer to our customers the following options of work in terms of time:

- Standard Option : estimated period of 5 working days;

- Urgency Option: estimated period of 24 hours + corresponding tax;

- Priority Option: estimated period of 48 hours + corresponding tax;


5- The referring prices to the services are available in a table. Consult the section Prices.


6- The services will be executed by order of arrival with exception of described above. Therefore all our customers have the same priority.


7- Will only be considered as service entered, the equipment that to come attached with its respective Form of order (O.S.) fulfilled.


8- We charge a value of U$ 150,00 case the customer gives up the work.


9- The initial taxes for options Urgency and Priority must to be paid in advance. These are charged even in cases of negative results or if the customer give up the service, due the special dedicated attention to the customer.


10- The recovered data and/or equipment will only be delivered to the customer after the payment established.


11- The customer will be able to receive an email with a listing contends the result of the recovery work for its analysis, approval and eventual files selection to be saved.


12- For security reasons, SOS HD stores one copy of the recovered data for only 3 days after withdrawal of the data from our company. After this, the data are destroyed. Therefore the customer must confer the data as soon as possible.


13- The objective of the company is the recovery of data. Repair in units will only be carried through with the purpose to get the minimum working conditions for accomplishment of the service. It does not mean, necessarily, that the unit could be used later in normal conditions.


14- Conditions for parceling the payment: casual people or companies from Sao Paulo, the payment must be made with bank deposit or bank checks after the approval. Both must not have any commercial restrictions.


15- The results of the finished services after 15 days of the date of its ending, will suffer a addition tax of 10% that is the cost of data storage.


16- The results of the services finished after 30 days of the date of its ending, for measure of security, secrecy and in benefit of the proper customer will be destroyed and the customer will be considered as desisting as item 8.


17- Transport and Freight will be for customer risk which is responsible for all the referring payments.


18- Equipment sent to the company for repairs must be adequately packed in order to prevent physical damages.


19- When eventually for us is necessary to send materials to the customer by Sedex, Vaspex, etc, it will be increased the value of an additional correspondent tax for insurance effect.


20- We will only copy the recovered data at place of origin, for example in the proper HD (when possible), with the previous authorization of the customer. We remember that such procedure will destroy the data original making impracticable a new tracking.


21- The data recovered can be recorded in CD or DVD being the execution of the first enclosed CD already included in the recovery value. For medias you add it will be charged the corresponding value.


22- Depending on the damage gravity occurred in the structures of folders and files, the recovery process can not be able not to recognize its original names, replacing them (renaming them) with other characters or numbers.


23- The results of the data recovery is considered successful (positive) even in eventual cases of partial recoveries, at the time that we verify the integrity of the information for sampling. For this reason it is essential that the customer informs us with details which are the desired folders, files and examples of its contents to conclude the result of the work. Fields exist to be filled in the Form (O.S.)


24- The total verification of the contents and files integrity will be the customer responsibility, since the best person to do this job is the user that knows with clarity what it is of its interest or not. Then we do not make responsible for the total integrity in all files.


25- It will not have return of values after the recovered data has left our company. Therefore it is essential that the customer verifies the list of recovered files and/or content before the data goes out our company.


26- To copy the recovered data we do not make any separation at the file level, in face of the great amount of found content. We request the indication of folders (directories). Fields exist to be filled in the Form (O.S.)


27- The files contents, programs and data are of total and only responsibility of its respective owners. We do not have any responsibility and judgments about them.


28- The improper use of the information gotten after the data recovery is of total responsibility of the customer;


29- We do not make responsible for the loss of HDs warranty sent for recovery in eventual sealing waxes removal, physical problems occurred in the transport or natural aggravation of the problem.


30- In virtue of our service use specific equipment we do not take work outside our company.


31- We do not remove password from programs, only from data files;


32- We do not do activities of hackers, our job is only to recover lost information;


33- We can recover 80% of logical problems and 70% from physical problems. Therefore about 75% of the occurrences of data loss that are sent to our company is recovered.


34- All services approved and not removed in the contracted stated period must be paid in the date established including costs with storage.


35- Payments not effected in the stated period and returned checks, will suffer to addition tax of 10% for covering financial expenditures like bank fees.


36- Will only be accepted checks from Sao Paulo city after consultation and with at least 1 year of opening account.


37- We do not accept checks from other people.


38- The bank deposits should be done in current account.


39- Our working time to the customer is: From Monday to Friday from 08:30hs to 18:00hs 


40- To prevent posterior claims, please analyzes and clarifies all your doubts in advance. We are here to help.



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