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Tips for Data Recovery


Keep calm!  Do not  enter in panic!


The problems with data losses are divided in two groups identified below:


Logical problems: are the cases related with software like virus or hackers attack, inaccessible files, corrupted or deleted files, reformatted disk, intermittent demagnetization of the surface (without physical damages), problems in the computer hardware and operational system that corrupt the partition, bad quality software, bugs programs, sabotage, etc. In most cases the medias can be used again after the process of data recovery.


Physical problems: are the cases related with hardware like bad media working (Hard Disk (HD), CD or Floppy), HD surface crash, defective surface deterioration, bad sectors, and also sabotage and vandalism, etc.


Characteristics: HD presenting uncommon noises, not being detected for computer setup (bios), motor does not spin, reading difficulty, etc. Normally the defective medias are permanently lost (discarded) after the process of data recovery.


Due to wrong knowledge or suggestions, sometime customers are taken the inadequate attempts of data recovery having aggravated the problem and in extreme cases the data recovery process becomes impossible. If you lose your information and you does not have a backup, do not try making a data recovery attempts of your own. Contract the services of a specialized company.


We are equipped with best and more recent technology to take care of them.


Tips and Cares


1- Try to see if the hard disk is making some strange noise as clicking. Verify if the HD is reading with difficulties or very slowly. In these cases, disconnect the HD immediately to not add more damages at the surface disk.


2- Turn on the computer and verify if the BIOS (Setup) detects the HD physically, if negative means that you have a physical problem.


3- If the HD is recognized for the setup, gives one boot with a floppy disk and verify if the HD can be visualized (unit C:), if successful make a copy of desired files to another media.


4- After you confirm the problem, does not try to repartition or to reformat or to reinstall the operational system.


5- Do not try to correct the problem using some utilities programs such as SCANDISK, NORTON or OTHERS!  This can corrupt or destroy your data!


6- Take care with the use of recovery programs found at Internet specially pirates because they are dangerous. In most cases they can destroy the data or offers unsatisfactory results. Good and efficient tools cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.


7- We have had satisfactory results to our customers even in services that had not been succeeded previously in other companies.


8- We recommend that when directing its material to our company, the material should be fully protected and packed to prevent further damages.


9- Never opens a HD, this task must be done by qualified professionals and in adequate conditions.



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