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Ibas - Head Office
P.O. Box 1250
Arkoveien 14
N-2206 Kongsvinger
Tel +47 62 81 01 00
Fax +47 62 81 01 10

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Ibas - Data Recovery and Forensics


While SOS HD does not have facilities in Europe or the United Kingdom, we highly recommend that you visit our associated company, IBAS who would be happy to provide for your needs.


IBAS Data Recovery Services


Ibas is a world leader in the field of data recovery and erasure services. Computer forensics, which is a fast-growing market, is another important business area for the company. Ibas has a total of 80 employees, working at the main offices in Kongsvinger, Norway and in subsidiaries in eight countries - Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Germany, Poland, France and Singapore. The company also has distributors and agents in a number of other countries in Europe, Asia and America. Ibas (Ticker:IBAS) is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.


DATA RECOVERY from Ibas offers optimal solutions at minimal risk when data is lost. Our specialists use in-house developed software and hardware to handle any operating system and data storage media. Our customers range from individuals, small to large businesses as well as Governments and the Military.


DATA ERASURE from Ibas ensures safe disposal of sensitive data. It is imperative that data is securely erased before computers are resold or recycled. Our Expert Eraser products remove data in such a manner that it is unrecoverable. To achieve this, Ibas has developed hardware and software solutions to handle a variety of data media.


COMPUTER FORENSICS from Ibas is gathering and documenting electronic information. Our specialist investigators have unparalleled experience investigating all manifestations of computer incidents including industrial espionage, fraud and computer misuse. The International team operates around the globe offering services from immediate response to computer related incidents to training and expert consultation.


Website: Kroll Ontrack - USA



NEWS !!! Now we have another great option for partnership !


While Kroll Ontrack is still one of the biggest in Data Recovery market, Seagate company has acquired ActionFront Data Recovery some time ago and a new division was created that is Seagate Recovery Services


We strong recommend send the more serious cases to them. They are able to recover not only Seagate products but all brands as well !


Website: Seagate Recovery Services




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